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The Official French Catalogue of garlic varieties

The Official French Catalogue of plant species and varieties, established by the French Technical Plant Selection Committee and approved by the French Ministry of Agriculture, lists plant varieties authorized for sale in France.

The French Technical Plant Selection Committee (C.T.P.S) submits to the French Ministry of Agriculture the conditions and requirements to be fulfilled by candidate varieties in order to be registered in the catalogue, per type of plant species.

Candidate varieties are tested by the Groupe d’Étude et de Contrôle des Variétés et des Semences (GEVES) in order to check whether all the requirements have been met.
Tests are conducted by the GEVES Les Vignières, in close collaboration with the INRA and a number of professional organizations. Observations and results are evaluated by the GEVES.

In order to be registered in the catalogue, a garlic variety must be deemed distinct, uniform and stable (DUS) whereby a variety must have individual characteristics, making it readily identifiable for production and marketing:
• Distinctness: a variety is deemed distinct, if it has at least one major characteristic that makes it different from other reference varieties after first and second propagation cycles.
• Uniformity: is evaluated based on the observation of plants grown from cloves supplied by the applicant over a period of a year.
• Stability: a variety is deemed stable, if its uniformity remains satisfactory over a period of two years, and all characteristics remain unchanged.

Breeders from all over the world can apply for Breeder’s rights with the GEVES, be it for registration in the French catalogue, or registration in the national catalogue of their home country.
Plants submitted for DUS testing must comply with phytosanitary requirements.
Rights are registered for an initial period of 10 years. After which rights can be renewed for a period of 5 years upon proposal of the CTPS and after agreement by the French Ministry of Agriculture. Based on economic considerations or for whatever other reason, registered varieties can be removed from the official French catalogue upon simple request by the applicant.

For further information, please check the GEVES website:

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