The french garlic varieties

Description sheets of garlic varieties sold as certified plants and registered in the Official French Catalogue


Clonal variety, spring planting, group II, type Var pink Garlic, OYDV virus-free regenerated plant, no flower scape

Demander :
Centre Technique Interprofessionnel des Fruits et Légumes
22 rue Bergère
75009 PARIS

Breeder name : CTIFL
Botanical name of taxonomic group : Allium sativum L.
Common name of taxonomic group : Garlic
Variety name : CRISTO
Variety type : Clone


ATTITUDE Semi-erect 3
Green color Medium to dark 6
Waxiness Medium 5
Length Medium to long 6
Width Medium 5
Intensity of anthocyanin coloration Absent or very weak 1
Width of the base Medium 5
Flowering stem Absent 1
Length - 0
Bulblets - 0
Size Medium 5
Shape in longitudinal section Transverse broad elliptic 2
Shape in cross section Elliptic 1
Position of root disc Flat 2
Shape of base Flat 2
Compactness of cloves Compact 7
Ground color of dry external scales White 1
Anthocyanin stripes Absent 1
Number of cloves Medium 5
Distribution of cloves Non-radial 2
External cloves Present 9
Size Medium 5
Color of scale Pink 3
Intensity of color of scale Weak 3
Anthocyanin stripes Absent 1
Color of flesh White 1
Time of harvest maturity Late 7
End of dormancy of cloves Late 7

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