The french garlic production


Garlic varieties - 2012 Edition

Type of document: Brochure in french

New garlic varieties available for amateur gardeners. This leaflet presents the different characteristics of certified garlic plant varieties, and includes a calendar showing planting and harvesting times. Certified garlic plants guarantee successful planting and good quality garlic at harvest. Certified plants are free of diseases, which promotes uniform growth and gives strong healthy plants. Good harvest, and garlic bulbs that are bigger and more uniform in shape.
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Garlic, a flavoursome plant that is easy to grow

Type of document: Brochure in french

This leaflet presents a few simple rules for successful garlic planting and suggests ways of using this versatile condiment. Guidelines on how to choose the right variety based on the geographical area of cultivation and shelf life. Advantages of certified plants, and planting techniques. A calendar is included showing planting and harvesting times based on garlic variety.

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Certified garlic plants, a guarantee of quality

Type of document: 6-page brochure in french
size: 15 X 21 cm

Based on farmer testimonials, this brochure explains the advantages of using certified garlic plants. 6 main aspects are covered: healthy plants, high yield, quality garlic at harvest, keys for success, easy planting and improved economic performance.

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