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Tips for storing and curing garlic

If garlic is overly mature at harvest, it does not store well. For good storage qualities, harvest garlic when upper leaves are dry.

Tips for growing garlic

Do not water garlic in the month before harvest. Harvest when garlic is mature in dry weather, preferably in the afternoon. Leave stalks and bulbs to dry in the shade for a couple of days (direct sunlight damages the plant and alters storage qualities).

Keep garlic in a warm place!

After harvest, garlic enters dormancy and can no longer produce a sprout. When temperatures drop, garlic comes out of dormancy. In order to ensure proper storage, garlic should be kept at a temperature above 18 °C and cold spells should be avoided.

The best place to store garlic is the place where it is used: in the kitchen!
Tied in a bunch, in a braid or a mesh bag, garlic adds a decorative touch to the kitchen, where it is ready at hand for cooking.

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