Garlic, the flavour easy to grow

On first sight, one might believe that all varieties of garlic are alike. In reality, garlic varieties come in all colours, shapes and sizes, and are not grown in the same way…

There are three main varieties of garlic: white garlic, purple garlic and pink garlic. What distinguishes them is the colour of their external tunic, which protects the bulb or garlic ‘head’, and the colour of the inside skin which covers the cloves.

Another difference is earliness, namely the length of time between planting and harvest for a given variety.

Garlic is easy to grow anywhere

Garlic can be grown anywhere, and not only in warm climates as is often believed. For instance, garlic can be grown in trough planters on a balcony or garden terrace. One must simply choose the right variety and plant it at the right time.

Please consult your local distributor for further advice: he will be able to recommend the varieties that are best adapted to the area where you live, and give you advice on how to plant them.

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