Storing certified garlic plants

In order to best serve your customers, you have purchased certified garlic plants for their high yield potential, but also for the strict guarantees they offer in terms of varietal purity and phytosanitary standards.
In order to make sure certified plants are healthy and in a good state when they reach your customers, a few simple rules apply in order to preserve plant quality from beginning to end of the distribution chain.

By following these simple rules, you will ensure that the quality of garlic plants is preserved from the time of production and certification to the moment when they are purchased by your customers.

Certified garlic plants, a cutting-edge technology products

Certified plants are:

  • harvested at the optimal stage,
  • carefully dried,
  • and handled with care in order to preserve their production potential.

The high yield potential of these garlic plants is the reason why they have become so popular worldwide. Certified garlic plants are a cutting-edge technology product aimed at professional growers and farmers. During their propagation phase, a close follow-up is provided by professional plant propagators and production technicians, and the Official Inspection and Certification Body (SOC) carries out regular inspections of crops and batches.

All certified plants carry a blue certification label on their packaging.

These plants have a high moisture content, and as such they are highly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity levels. In order to avoid problems and deterioration during storage, the rules descripted in the following pages must be observed.

Poor storage conditions will lead to germination, or will cause the plant to dry out and accelerate weight loss compared to the natural desiccation process tied to the normal breathing of bulbs.

Check plants are healthy and in a good state when they are delivered to you

Upon delivery of the plants, the person in charge should immediately check that the plants are healthy and in a good state. If the person in charge acknowledges any damage to plants he must notify this to the delivery person, and write it down on the delivery note.

The person in charge must then check that the delivered goods match his purchase order: name of variety, type of plant (certified plants carry a blue certification label on their packaging), quantities and quality.

If the delivered goods do not match the purchase order, this must be notified to the seller as soon as possible after delivery.

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