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Easy success with certified plants

Garlic bulbs are made up of cloves. Planting garlic means separating these cloves and planting them.

Be sure to purchase certified garlic plants. Certified plants carry the blue certification label delivered by the Official Inspection and Certification Body (SOC).

Certified plants comply with strict standards in order to prevent contamination by pests and diseases.

When you purchase certified plants, you are sure to buy healthy and vigorous plants that will not introduce pests or diseases into your garden and contaminate other crops.

Available in small size packages, these plants are sold by professionals who are equipped to store plants in optimum conditions. Compliance with these requirements is checked by the Official Inspection and Certification Body (SOC).


• +50 % harvested plants
• Uniform bulbs with larger cloves
• Uneventful emergence
• Nice green and vigorous plants

Shop-bought garlic should not be used for planting

  • Shop-bought garlic is often imported (China, Mexico, …), and is not always adapted to local climate. Furthermore, it has often been improved in order to enhance its storage qualities, and for this reason it may fail to germinate.
  • This type of garlic may also be a vector of diseases (viruses, rot, nematodes) which can reduce yield at harvest, alter storage qualities, contaminate soil and affect subsequent crops.

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